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Very Easy Steps to create a Wishlist:

1) Make sure you are Sign-In to our website. Or you can Register now (it's Free).

2) Go to your account and create your Wishlist(s). You can give it any name you like.

3) Add all the Products you want to your Wishlist.

4) Share your Wishlist List Link with Friends and social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Embed widget on your website and much more.

5) You will receive an email & shipment every time someone buy you something from your wish list.

* If you create a Wishlist on our website, send us a link to it on Twitter @VividAdultStore. We will then gladly post your link on our website, so visitors can see it and buy you gifts.

Having a Bachelorette or Bachelor Party? Geat! We have the perfect solution to easily receive all the Great Gifts you need.

Our Wishlist feature is also a Gift Registry. With a Wishlist you can add all the products you want for your Special Fun Event. Getting married is such an amazing occassion! Make your Bachelorette / Bachelor an occasion you and all your friends will remember for decades.

We have Sexy Party products for both Women & Men and Every Sexual Orientation. Promote it by sending it to Friends so they can see the items you'd love for them to buy you. They'd be able to select from any of the products in your list. Once they purchase any of your items, you will recieve an email, and the Products will be shipped straight to you. Products arrive fast.

Below are some of our Popular Bachelorette & Bachelor products. We have 100s more in various categories on our website:

  • Rainbow Pecker Confetti Gun

    Rainbow Pecker Confetti Gun

  • Pecker Party Candy Dish 3pk W/candy

    Pecker Party Candy Dish 3pk W/candy

  • Rainbow Ring Pop 12/display

    Rainbow Ring Pop 12/display

  • Bp Dick Head Hoopla

    Bp Dick Head Hoopla

  • Peter Party Cake Pan - Sm 6pk

    Peter Party Cake Pan - Sm 6pk

  • Handcuffs Metal

    Handcuffs Metal

  • Ff Inflatable Luv Log

    Ff Inflatable Luv Log

  • Boobie Cake Pan

    Boobie Cake Pan

  • Wall Banger Deluxe Bunny

    Wall Banger Deluxe Bunny

  • Icicles No 47 Clear

    Icicles No 47 Clear